b'Participate in a beach cleanup.The main one is Get informed and involved! Thats the key to changes Coastal Sweep in September each year. Keep an eye on localthat will protect and enhance our waters. Your educated newspapers for details. Better yet, be a proactive personinvolvement can make a difference!and pick up any trash you see every time you walk the beach.Thats right!Volunteer to help at the Household Hazardous Waste Collectionsheld each year.Help organize a public presentation on waterissues. Events are scheduled throughout the year. Become an advocate for nitrogen and phosphorous removaltechnologiesfor both home and municipal facilities. You can help inform others about new technologies that remove nitrogen from our waste and can help save our ponds and estuaries. But why should I help when others continueHelp educate the next generation about the to pollute? importance of protecting our waterby volunteering on school fi eld trips to water resource areas, wastewater treatment facilities, and town wells.Start your own initiative!There are new approaches to water-related issues appearing daily. Maybe you have an idea no one has thought of. Every step forward counts. The goal is to protect our precious water resources, any way we can. Everyone has a stake in our water resources. Although it takes time for these changes to take place, we cannot wait until everyone else has cleaned up before we do our part.We all need to do our share to protect the quality of our waters, and we can take pride in our efforts.We can make a difference for the Cape.Use the suggestions in this booklet at home,rst.Then employ the same information at work and in your community.All the actions you take to bene t the region will bene t you, your family, and your community.Seems like a deal we cant refuse!Page 58 bluepages.indd 58 8/26/2009 1:53:09 PM'