b'Chapter 2 A Quick Start for the Water-Wise Changing our behavior is tough. Start slowly; begin by incorporating three new actions into your daily life. Dont expect miracles overnight, but do expect miraculous change over time.Choose one action thatChoose one action thatAdd new actions as yourrst relates to conservation ofrelates to householdchoices become part of your water or reduction of waste. hazardous waste. daily life.Preventing pollution by Many of the products If you like to garden, conserving water andwe use around the home choose an action fromreducing waste is far fi Chapters 7 and 8 on soilnd their way into ourcheaper than cleaning waters. So use the safest erosion and landscaping. If up pollutants afterwards. alternatives, suggested in youre a boater, choose anSee Chapters 2 and 3 forChapter 5.action from Chapter 10, onmore ideas.good boating practices. Ten Simple Things you Can Do Right Now toBegin Caring for ourLocal Waters.Insulate your hot water Conserving water at home and in the of ce canheater, caulk or replace leaky reduce the volume treated by your septicwindows, upgrade to Energy system or sewage treatment plant Star rated appliances, and insulate your home to reduce 1. its energy demands.Saving water is as important 2.as keeping it clean. Chapters3 and 4 off er many ideas For a free energy audit and fi nancialabout how to avoid wastingwater. assistance information,contact the Cape Light Compact (800-797-6699).Dispose of your hazardous wastes duringspecial collection days rather than in your regular garbage pickup or down storm drains.4. Use your car less!Motor vehicles are the biggest contributor to air pollution and one of the biggest to water pollution. Plan ahead to do several errands in one trip. 3. Car-pool or use public transportation whenever For information about hazardous waste see Chapter 5. Call thepossible. Encourage our Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Service or the Chathamlocal transit authority to Health Department for a schedule of collection days. meet your needs. Page 20 bluepages.indd 20 8/26/2009 1:49:54 PM'