b'WHY WE SHOULD NOT FEED WATERFOWLFeeding causes waterfowl to concentrate in unnaturally large fl ocks, interrupts migration patterns, and may create non-migratory, permanent fl ocks. The overpopulation of wild waterfowl may cause the closureof shellfi sh beds and swimming areas due to bacterial pollu-tion from their droppings. Large bird populations are also a source of nutrient pollution to the ponds.Feeding waterfowl is prohibited by Chathams Board of Health Regulations.Cape Cod NeighborThe Horseshoe Crab:A Survivor of Ancient SeasThe Atlantic Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) is found in our estuaries and along coastal beaches. Harvest of these animals for bait is prohibited in Pleasant Bay and the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Their blood cells are used to detect bacterial contaminants in pharmaceuticals and medical devices and their spanned eggs are an important food source for migrating shore birds.If you see a Horseshoe Crab on its back in the surf, to save them, Just Flip Drawing by Kassie Foss Em Over.OUR NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGEVery few Native Americans were left in Chatham by the time it was settled by Englishmen. Most had died from diseases contracted from the earlier explorers. For a while the settlers lived side by side with the natives, but the Monomoyicks left only faint echoes of their existence in present day Chatham. Part of their legacy is in words that linger to the present day, mostly names of persons and places. Monomoy is, of course named for Monomoit which was the original name of the Chatham area, but most present Native American words are street names, probably given long after the native population had died out. We do not know the meaning of the words in most cases.Street names include:Absegami, Cotchpinicut (named after an island in North Chatham explored by Champlain, now completely washed away), Menekish, Monomesset, Monomoit, Monomoyick, Nonuantum, Patuxet, Potonumecot, Quasson (may have been named for Mattaquasons son John Quason), Seaquanset, Tisquantum(the Native American name for Morris Island, now a street there), Wapoo, Wequasset, Wonkipit.Other Wampanoag words:Mattaquason, name of Monomoyick sachem from whom William Nickerson fi rst bought land.Quahog means shut tight in Wampanoag.Page 18 bluepages.indd 18 8/26/2009 1:49:51 PM'