b'ARE YOU FLUID IN WATER TERMINOLOGY?Aquifer:Underground sediments saturated with water. Condensation:The process by which water vapor (a gas) in the air turns to liquid water.Condensing waterforms clouds in the sky.Evaporation:The process by which liquid water becomes water vapor (a gas).Water vaporizes from the surfacesof oceans and lakes, from the surface of the land, and from melts in snow fi elds. Groundwater:Water stored in or moving through the aquifer. Infi ltration:The process by which rain or snow enters the ground and drains into the soilPrecipitation:The process by which water (in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail) falls from clouds in the sky.Recharge:The process by which precipitation moves through the soil and reaches the groundwater,replenishing the aquifer. Seepage:The process by which water in the aquifer moves into rivers, estuaries and the ocean.Transpiration:The process by which some water within plants evaporates into the atmosphere.Water is fi rst absorbed by the plants roots, then later exits by evaporating through pores in the plant.Water table: Underground, the top level of soil permanently saturated with water.A household well taps into water below the water table.The human body is 70% water.Our eyes are 99% water.Plants contain from 70% to 90% water. Earth never gets any new water; it just changes form. The water you drink today might have watered the gardens of ancient Egypt.Waters of the World Non-Ocean Waters of the WorldIf40 cups represented all the water in the world, all of it except for 1 cup would be found in the oceans.That one cup consists of the waters illustrated here.Page 12 bluepages.indd 12 8/26/2009 1:49:27 PM'