b'Chapter 5 Hazardous Waste?.Not in My House! to Runoffto Groundwater to GroundwatertoSewer or Septic TankThousands of common household products contain toxic ingredients that should be kept out of our waters. If we bringhazardous products into our homes, it is our responsibility to use, store, and dispose of them safely. Never pour toxic materials down your drain. They will fl ow into your septic tank where they can destroy essential bacteria and pass into the groundwater that supplies our drinking water.If buried in the ground or dumped into storm drains, the toxins may fl ow straight into our creeks, ponds or bays. To help us dispose of these substances, Chatham and Harwich jointly hold household hazardous waste collection days several times a year.Waste is then shipped off -Cape to an approved disposal site. Inquire at the Transfer Station (508-945-5156) for scheduled collection dates or go online to www.chatham-ma.gov. If you are unsure of howA recent hazardous waste to dispose of anymaterial found around your home,collection day netted more phone the Transfer Station, Health Department, orthan 150 barrels of toxic Massachusetts DEPs Household Hazardous Productsmaterials!Hotline (800-343-3420). Remember, many houses are already located in fl ood zones or low-lying areas prone to fl ooding.In a major storm event, if these buildings are fl ooded, the toxic and harmful substances (including household cleaners) will enter the waters.If you live in one of these areas, take extra precautions to keep all toxic or harmful materials out of harms way - in secure cabinets high above any potential fl oodwaters.Page 29bluepages.indd 29 8/26/2009 1:50:36 PM'