b'Table of ContentsIntroduction. page 5 Chathams WatersChapter 7. page 39 Together we can makeSpare that Shrub! a di erence!Helpful hints for controlling surface runoand erosion Chapter 1. page 11A Water PrimerChapter 8. page 43Our beautiful blue planetLandscaping for Healthy WatershedsLandscaping choices, garden-Chapter 2. page 20ing, composting, and pest management techniques A Quick Start for the Water-WiseChapter 9. page 49 Ten simple things you canRecovery from do right now to beginLawn Obsession caring for our local waters12 steps to learn how to grow a natural lawn Chapter 3. page 22Water, Water Everywhere Chapter 10 page 53Saving water is as important asGetting Out on the Waterkeeping it clean - simple tips forGood Boating Practiceswater conservation Chapter 4. page 25Out of Sight, Out of Mind:Chapter 11. page 56 A Wastewater PrimerNot Just for Kids Just what does down the drainActivities for the whole family mean? - how your sewer or septic system works Chapter 12. page 57Chapter 5. page 29 Taking Action:Hazardous Waste? The Big PictureNot in My House! On our own or together, Good practices for using andlets make a di erence!disposing of water soluble household products Chapter 6. page 35Chapter 13. page 59 Rethink/Reuse/Recycle Where to Go for Help Improve water quality by pre- Resources for taking the cycling, recycling and re-usingnext steps Page 3bluepages.indd 3 8/26/2009 1:48:41 PM'