b'.in thebathroomCheck toilets for leaks by addingA shower or a bath? Only the shortest food coloring to the toilet tank. Ifshower saves more water than a color appears in the bowl, withoutpartially fi lled tub. A full tub, however, fl ushing, there is a leak. A leakingcan use 30-50 gallons of water: more toilet can waste 200 gallons of waterthan a short shower. Consider bathing a day without making a sound.small children together. Flush only when necessary. EachInstall water-saving shower heads or fl ush in older toilets uses about 6fl ow restrictors. Shower heads with gallons of water. Never use the toiletan on/offvalve are also available, as a wastebasket.allowing the water fl ow to be stopped For older toilets, try fi lling oneand restarted without readjusting the or two half-gallon plastic bottlestemperature. and placing them in your tank toDont let the water run in the sink reduce water used for each fl ush. Orwhile shaving, brushing your teeth, or consider replacing the old one withlathering your face and hands. a new, lower fl ow toilet which only uses 1-1/2 gallons per fl ush. .in the kitchenFill your dishwasher. Only use it when you have a full load. Use theFill your washing machine. cycles with the least number ofPre-soak clothes only when absolutely washes and rinses. Buy detergentsnecessary. Set the water control level with zero phosphates. appropriately.Permanent press cycles may use an extra 10-20 gallons of water. Avoid running water continuously when washing dishes in the sink.Buy a front loading washing machine If possible, use two dishpans whenwhen you replace your present washing dishes by hand: one to washmachine; it saves water and energy. and one to rinse.Avoid garbage disposals. Many local Wash dishes once a day.towns prohibit garbage disposals because they use a great deal of water Keep a bottle of drinking water inand can add grease and solids to your the refrigerator to avoid running thealready hard-working sewage and septic tap to get a glass of cool water.systems. Page 23bluepages.indd 23 8/26/2009 1:50:15 PM'