b'.and last: Reusable Goods Find a home for your intact or repairable home appliances, household goods, clothing, building materials, or any other items that can be repaired or used again. Have a yard sale, advertise items for sale in your local papers, donate them to local church thrift shops, the American Red Cross, Salvation Army or local thrift stores such as the Lower Cape Outreach Council or bring to the Gift Shop at the Transfer Station.Six Simple Actions to help improve water quality by recycling and reusing. 1. Precycle2.Use Cloth Diapers 3. Avoid Disposables When you shop,The average baby uses nearly By toting your ownlook for products4,500 diapers before being lidded travel mug andwith limited ortoilet trained. Unrinsed and water bottle, you can buyreusable packaging.improperly disposed of plastic hot and cold beverages Buy foods indiapers can contaminate our without adding to therecyclablesurface and ground waters. thousands of foamcontainersA weeks worth of cloth diapers and plastic cups thator buy in bulk.adds one or two extra loads fi nd their way ontoBuy concentratesof laundry a week. our beaches.Avoid usingand items indisposable plates and utensilsrefi llable containers. . 4.Reuse Writing Paper 5.Tote BagsUse both sides of paper Telling the clerk I sheets, make two-sided dont need a bag is a copies, and use blank better solution than sides for scratch paper paper or plastic. and rough drafts. Buy Choose a size you can and use paper products easily carry when full. made from recycled paper. 6. Buy Smart Choose quality products that last a long time and dont have to be thrown out and replaced frequently. Page 38 bluepages.indd 38 8/26/2009 1:51:48 PM'