b'Pre-cycle by considering Recycle used motor oil. product packaging when5. 6.purchasing. One gallon of oil can foulPackaging makes up 33% ofone million gallons ofour houshold waste, and all freshwater. Thats a yearsof it must be shipped off -Cape water supply for 30 people!for disposal.Look for productsThere are only two ways towith limited, recycled, orsafely dispose of waste oil:reusable packaging.Buy foodsreturn it to the place youin glass and aluminumbought it (along with the containers.See Chapter 6receipt), or bring it to theon recycling for more hints.hazardous waste collection site at the transfer station.Preserve the established 7. trees around your home and in your neighborhood.Plant new trees and shrubs toReduce runoff from lawns by properly adjusting your lawn encourage excess rainwater to8. mower. and herbicides.lter slowly into the soil and fito control erosion. ConsiderBecause mowing height determines using native plants that arethe depth of roots and the density more drought-resistant andof grass shoots, the correct mowing require no fertilizer.height (3 inches) is probably thesingle most important factor in theformation of healthy turf.Healthy turfholds rainwater, fi lters sediments andchemicals, and requires less-frequentwateringEliminate your use of lawn fertilizers, pesticides, andRinse and scrub your boat hull and decks herbicides. with a brush instead of using soap. You will be helping to keep our waters clean.9. 10.You can have a healthy lawn If your boat is stained,and a beautiful garden without use phosphate-free soapusing toxic chemicals. Refer to or any of the alternativesChapter 8 on landscaping and listed in Chapter 5 onChapter 9 on lawn care for sound Hazardous Waste.See gardening and pestChapter 10 on boatingcontrol tips.for more hints.Page 21bluepages.indd 21 8/26/2009 1:50:04 PM'