b'Chapter 12 Taking Action:the Big Picture If we make healthy choices for our bodies, the chances are well be healthier. The same goes for our environment. We, residents and visitors alike, are stewards of our phenomenal water resources; our lakes, ponds, streams, tidal estuaries, wetlands, and harborsand most precious of all, the groundwater aquifer. The health of these resources depends on the choices we make. What can you and I do to preserve these resources today and for the generations to come? First: Everyone lives on the water.Refer to the maps in Chapter 1 of this booklet. Which watershed do you live in? Become familiar with your watershed. Think about what its resources mean to your daily life. How would your life be changed if you didnt have clean water to drink and swim in, and fi sh and shellfi sh to eat?Second: Put into practice as many of the suggestions off ered here as you can.You dont have to adopt them all at once. Start with one, or maybe several, and when they become part ofDrawing by Kassie Fossyour routine, add a few more. Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors about what youre doing waterwise. Spread the water word! Third: Individual actions are important, but organizationsAfter youve had one or two meetings aboutare also essential.If you already belong to a group that is active in the issues, tackle a project that will impactprotecting our water resourcesTERRIFIC! If you dont, remember, there water quality in your neighborhood. For example, you may choose to begin with aare many ways to get involved. No matter what your interests and skills, nostream, pond, or beach walk. matter how little time you think you can off er, theres a place for you. Serveon a town board, join a conservation group or volunteer at a specialevent. No matter what you do, youll be joining others who share your concerns and want to make a real contribution to safeguard our water resources. Here are some activitiesyou may wish to consider: Join your local watershed groupsuch as Friends of Chatham Waterways, Friends of Pleasant Bay, or a local Friends of pond group.If there is no watershed group in your area, start one! Page 57bluepages.indd 57 8/26/2009 1:53:04 PM'