b'Chapter 6 Rethink / Reuse / RecycleEach year local residents In years gone by, all garbage generated was either produce tons of garbage.buried or burned.Today, all Cape landfi lls are closedand trash is shipped offCape, where it is incinerated to generate electricity.As Cape residents,what can we do? Lets start by reducing our trash and disposing of it properly. Recycling is taking therst step. Chatham operates our Transfer Station facilities where trash and recyclables are collected. These are thentransported off -Cape. Chathams drop-offfacility is set up for efficient collection of your glass, paper,cans, and plastic! Paperand Cardboardaccount for one-third of our trash Here is where we can make a big diff erence! The production of paper using recycled fi bers reduces water pollution by roughly a third and air pollution by over half. Fortunately, newspaper, magazines, corrugated cardboard, junk mail/mixed paper and telephone books are now recyclable.Reduce the fl ow of paper coming into your household. Get on the DO NOT MAIL list, contact catalogue sources, and opt out of credit card off ers, and you will see a dramatic drop in your direct mailings. For more information, see our Resources Chapter. Page 35bluepages.indd 35 8/26/2009 1:51:21 PM'