b'Cockle CovePhoto by Geri AppleyardSulphur Springs System: The system consists of Cockle Cove Creek, Bucks Creek and Suphur Springs. Cockle Cove is a salt marsh with acentral tidal creek which drains almost completely at low tide.Sulfur Springs is a shallow embayment at the head of Bucks Creek that is transitioning to a salt marsh.Eelgrass has not been observed for over a decade in Bucks Creek. The entire system is undergoing ecological change resulting from the constant physical change at the mouth of Bucks Creek.Bucks CreekPhoto by Geri AppleyardTaylors Pond:Taylors Pond is a drowned kettle pond connected to Nantucket Sound by a tidal salt marsh, Mill Creek. There is currently no eelgrass in the Pond.This system is also undergoing change due to the physical changes occurring in the mouth of Mill Creek at Nantucket Sound.Page 7bluepages.indd 7 8/26/2009 1:49:05 PM'