b'Disposal Solvents and oil-based paints should never be incinerated or put down any drain, sewer or septic system. Bring oil-based paint to a hazardous waste collection or use it up on a basement wall or inside a closet. Give away partly fi lled cans - they make a good freebie at garage sales! To dispose of latex paints, just take the lid offthe can and let the liquid evaporate, or fi ll it with kitty litter and put the dried solids in your regular trash. You can also dry it by painting a piece of plywood, and peeling it offand disposing of dried paint; latex paint can go in the regular garbage, but oil-based should go to the hazardous Solventswaste collection. Set aside used paint thinner in a closed jar until the paint particles settle out, then pour offthe and Paints clear liquid and reuse. When the remaining paint sludge is dry, wrap it in plastic for hazardous waste disposal.Oil-based paints and preservatives, paint thinners andThe Chatham Transfer Station accepts paints at theremovers, rust removers, furniture strippers and even nailPaint Shed.For scheduled dates, inquire at the Transfer polish and polish remover are highly toxic to aquatic life andStation or at www. chatham-ma.gov.can contaminate groundwater. Alternatives Choose latex paints instead of oil-based. Latex cleans up with soap and water and does not require thinner. Use whitewasha nontoxic mixture of limestone, milk, and linseed oilfor fences, barns and basements. Buy unused paint from garage sales. Use a citrus-based solvent to clean up oil paint and brushes. Look for citrus-based removers. They work well without the fumes and dont Herbicides require hazardous waste disposal.and Pesticides Pesticides can harm morethan just the pest youre after;they often kill the natural predatorsSince many of these compounds are especiallythat keep them in check. Useharmful to fi sh and other aquatic creatures, Special Carethey are not approved for use near water. Choose traps With: over sprays for household insects. For pet care, buy ecologically responsible brands of products. Youll fi nd mothballs more on disposal and alternatives to pesticides and fl herbicides in Chapter 8, the landscaping ea powderspet shampoos section of this bookletslug baitwood preservativesweed killersPage 31bluepages.indd 31 8/26/2009 1:50:59 PM'